Hunting for new homes in Stuart Florida can be fun

I don't know what age precisely it is that parents are supposed to move down to Florida. It’s weird though, right? I mean my whole life my parents have lived in Atlanta, GA but they say they just can't handle the winters anymore. The winters!?! In Atlanta?!? But they are my folks so what can I say. I think the real reason they want to move down to South Florida is because a lot of their friends have relocated down there. They won't admit it, but neither here nor there.

Either way, as they made the retiree pilgrimage down south they looked at a bunch of new homes in new developments. I can’t believe in this economic downturn that there’s builders still building and more importantly, selling new homes but there is. And people like my folk they are buying.

The city they chose is Stuart Florida. Which was obviously an easy choice since most of their friends live in Stuart. But after visiting them once they got settled I realized why Stuart was the spot they all chose. Holy cow, it’s gorgeous. If you've never been part of a coastal community in South Florida you don't know what you're missing. Everyone has a boat, everyone is in a good mood, and it’s always sunny. Not a bad combo if you ask me. They get afternoon showers almost everyday in the summer but don't worry, they only last 15 minutes anyway.

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