Work's My Life

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

Work has been my whole life for as long as I can remember. There’s really nothing about having an active social life that I can relate to because I work 18- and 20-hour days like it’s no big deal. I imagine most people wouldn’t like the kind of life I live but I think it’s how I’ve been able to afford my own home at 30 and really have my firm footing when it comes to savings. I know some of my peers think I’m absurd but I also know that deep down they must be a little bit jealous that I’m so far ahead in my career. I’ve always been really responsible – when I first bought my house last year I didn’t run out and buy a big screen and host a pool party. I found out some Oncor Electric Information and I called a gardener for a consultation and I had my mail forwarded from the old place, you know, responsible things to do. I think that these qualities are the ones a woman is going to find attractive in me someday because she’ll know I’m going to be a good provider and really take care of our family well. I wouldn’t want a wife that was totally flighty and I would think the kind of woman who wasn’t would want a man like me. I love that there are so many different ways for people to express themselves and mine just happens to be hard work. I’m proud of the name I’ve made for myself at my job and I really think that one day I’m going to see the fruits of my labor tenfold. I’m hoping for another promotion in the spring and soon after that, I’m going to try out for a board position. The goal is to one day have less to do and more free time so I can try to strike up more of a life-work balance. Now that I’m single, though, there’s no reason not to work myself to death.

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