Planet Lady is Conscious

Thanks to Roman May

I’ve become really conscious of my impact on the environment since I watched a couple of documentaries on the impact of people on the planet. I really worry about the state that we’re going to leave this place for our kids and also how quickly the planet’s resources have been degraded just in the last century or so. I know it’s all part of modernization but I worry about whether or not we’re being really short-sighted when it comes to our energy and our carbon footprints. I went online the other day and looked into to find out who in my area had the best record of giving back to planet-related causes and I think I’m going to make a switch. I’ve been making small but meaningful changes in my life to try and reduce my carbon footprint, personally, like switching to organic produce and turning off the heat when I’m able to burn a wood fire in my fireplace. I try to take it back to the 19th century, that’s what I say, because they knew what they were doing when it came to not hurting the planet for their own good. I don’t want to become a crazy hippie about it all, you know, with dreads and chaining myself to trees and whatnot, but I need to make sure I’m doing my part where I can and not just expecting other people to pick up my slack. It’s important to me to be a good citizen of the earth and I’m trying to make small changes in my every day life to do just that without totally changing the way I live. I like to think some of my efforts will have an impact on my friends and coworkers but who knows. Sometimes you just have to do what you know is right and hope other people follow suit. There’s nothing you can do to make others better people and that’s something you have to accept early on or you’ll drive yourself crazy!

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