Crowd Control

Assuring safety and organized event is one of the major goal provided by the crowd control management. In order to ensure overall management, there should be a plan. A plan focused on implementing established rules and policies. Crowd management planning includes the type and elements of the event, where will it happen, the number of expected guests, the size of the place, the entrance/exit and organizing the staffs.

Planning should be made months or weeks before the event depending on how big the event will be. Is it a concert, school program, fashion show or a charitable work? If it's going to be a concert with rock bands as the performer then the crowd will probably need alcoholic drinks and cigarette while watching and may show support to the performers by dancing in the middle that may cause stampede if not properly done. In this case, stanchions and velvet ropes are not applicable for it will only be destroyed when something happened.

Velvet ropes and red carpet works best for fashion show event entrance. The appearance of police men and women are only applicable for big events. During school events, there are students who are asked to take part on the securing the school area with the security guards. A successful event depends on the production team and crowd management, without the support of the two team then possible failure might occur.

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