Vacation Home

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

My husband and I absolutely adore our vacation home. We inherited it when my uncle passed away, and we try not to take it for granted. It’s not much to look at really, but it offers our family to spend a fair amount of time at the beach every summer. That time spent together is absolutely invaluable to us. We know that our children will be grown and out of the house sooner than we think, so we are doing our best to enjoy every single second we have with our children while we can. We also love that our friends have the opportunity to spend some time at the beach without the stress of having to pay for a place to stay. There’s not a single thing that we don’t love about our vacation house, actually—the only thing about the entire situation we don’t love is leaving our primary residence unattended for so long during the summer. While we have great neighbors, there is nothing like the security of being in your own home and making sure everything is ok. Luckily, my husband signed us up for an alarm monitoring service once we started taking regular beach trips, and it’s made the entire situation so much less stressful. Do some research onSecurity Systems Sunnyvale and see if it’s something you should look into!

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