Tips for Creating Print Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are mean to be beautiful announcements of the upcoming matrimonial bond between two lovers. The invitations are an important visual element that not only convey the ceremonial information, but also are kept as memorabilia of the beginning of a perfect life together. Wedding invitations, like all other wedding related necessities, tend to be quite costly. Save you and your partner a large amount of money by doing some or all of the invitation-making process by yourself. Below are some helpful tips on how to design and print your wedding invitations for less.

Designing Your Invitations:

* Decide what the ideal dimensions of your invitations should be so that you can create a template on your computer measured to the exact dimensions.

* Organize the who, what, when, where information onto the template. Select a font that is elegant, formal and most pleasing to your eye.

* Leave space for a monogram, photo or design at the top or bottom if you decide that you would like to enhance your invitations with one of these decorations. Draw out the design yourself, digitally create the design with computer programs or get a professional to design one for you.

Printing of Invitations:

* Decide on the type of printing you would like your invitations to have:

- Engraved or etched lettering on a copper plate that is coated in ink and wiped so that ink remains only in the indented areas of the plate. Paper is pressed against the plate causing the paper to form into the grooves and imprinting the ink lettering and design clearly.

- Thermography is an alternative to engraving with similar results. The raised lettering effect is reproduced by printers combining ink and powdered resin with heat. The letters are not as crisp as engraved letters, but it is more economical.

- Old-fashioned letterpress is another printing style that involves pressing inked letter blocks into paper, leaving a surface indentation and print.

- Blind embossing is when paper is pressed between two metal plates with the design etching, raising the paper in the form of the design, but without the presence of ink.

- Offset printing or lithographic printing is the most common printing form. An inked image is transferred from an inked plate to a rubber surface and then run over the paper. This style of printing is casual and the most affordable.

* Select card stock for your invitations. Keep in mind that certain papers are more compatible with certain forms of printing. Be sure to ask at your local craft store prior to purchasing.

* At this point, depending on what type of printing you decide and depending on the capabilities of your home printer, you may print the invitations yourself or take them to be printed at a copy center. Inkjet printers use water soluble ink, which will smear if it gets wet. Make sure you understand your printer and how it works before deciding to print at home. Load the card stock into the paper tray and adjust the plastic paper guides to fit the dimensions of your paper. In the printer driver on your computer, be sure to edit the paper size so that the printing is centered onto your card stock. For those less technologically inclined, you can also print and then trim the paper down to size. For all the fancy printing types, you will need to take your design to a printing specialist.

* Always print a trial invitation. Whether you are printing yourself or the copy center is printing the invitations for you, it is important to do a test run. You do not want to waste all of your paper if there is an unforeseen error in the printing or design. Print extras in case some are damaged as well.

* That's it! You've got your wedding invitations and you spent half as much money as the others. Feel good about your beautiful creations as you mail them off to all your friends and family, informing them of your greatest decision.

Designing wedding invitations is easy and fun! This do-it-yourself task is one that will save you hundreds, while still looking eloquent and expensive. Enjoy designing wedding invitations with the one you love. Home-made wedding invitations are special and hold even more memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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