Skip the Scam – Has It All

Thanks to Peter Williams for writing this post.

There’s absolutely no reason for any bargain-hunting enthusiast to say that he or she can’t find legit free shipping programs for their online shopping needs. Why? Because there is a website out there called Scam artists are running and hiding from the promotional giant that has been winning the hearts and minds of its members for over ten years. And they’ve made their success by building working relationships with lots of businesses online, as well as working closely with their clientele to build the best rewards program possible.

To tell you why’s program is so great, I’ll have to explain two things: their parent company Clarus Marketing Group, and complaints resolution. Many people who get into the bargain hunting game are all about looking for the savings but have no idea that customer satisfaction policies play just as large a role in the overall value of one program versus another. Clarus Marketing has spent ten years observing the couponing and promotional industry and have thus built a rock-solid foundational philosophy from which the entire success of grows. offers rebates for free shipping and free return shipping, plus other benefits like a lowest price anywhere on the Web guarantee – for all products bought through the program. But what really makes members love the program – and you can ask them – is that the staff are willing and enthusiastic about engaging the members. They also take an informational approach that is fair and forthright. If you’re no longer happy, you can easily call the phone number at 1-800-869-5597 or email to cancel your membership any time, free of charge, free of hassle. And, they offer a 30-day trial where you can try out all their services before buying a membership. With such little risk and such an amazing and engaging program, it’s hard to imagine not signing up.

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