Edmonton Apartments for Rent

Small families or college students will find it very practical to live in Edmonton apartments for rent. For small or medium-sized families, living in Windsor Park is ideal, especially if there are younger children. The neighborhoods are safe, quiet, peaceful and there are parks where they can play in. the schools nearby are also of great quality, and the crime rates are very low in this and other areas such as Parkallen, Belgravia, and

Magrath, Malmo Plains, and Terwilliger are also fine locations. Houses and apartments for rent in these areas are a bit old, but are very safe to live in. For students and families alike, Strathcona is by far the safest area to live in. these are areas located in the northern part of Edmonton. Overall, many prefer to live here because of the safe environment, but students who are in the university have a bit of a struggle when it comes to commuting to and from the campus.

The western neighborhoods of Edmonton, particularly Henderson Estates, Haddow, and Ogilvie Ridge are all very safe to live in. the crime rates in these areas are very low, which makes for an ideal place to rent an apartment in Edmonton.

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