Peach Bowl Bound

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

Hooray, we are headed to the Peach Bowl! I no longer live in Atlanta but my parents do so I’m happy to have a free place to stay this year when I go down to cheer on my Tigers in the big game. I’m disappointed they did not make it to the National Championship Game this year but my wallet is not. Last year’s trip was expensive with tickets and hotel and food adding up quickly. This year all we need to buy are tickets because we can do everything else at mom and dad’s. And we have free babysitting s my wife and I can go out and have a fun time without the little ones. It will be a long day and a late night. Hopefully I will remember the code for their Atlanta Home Security system when we come in so we don’t set it off and wake the whole family. I’m sure we will be ready for a good night’s sleep after all the fun we have and won’t want to have to put everyone back to bed!

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I wrote this short story my freshman year in high school. Its been two years and no one has ever read it. So, I am posting this to feel out people's reaction. Hope you enjoy!