Couple's Relationships

Life is tough to some marriages this days. I know that since i have some friends who told me that they knew many couples who are separated or divorce. One of my friend online told us in our group in Facebook that her neighbor friend have the problem of her husband. She was tortured emotionally and they do not talk anymore or sleep together in one room. The husband even make her shame in front of many people. Also he total all the expenses of the wedding, the help he offered for her parents and other things that really hurt her. She cannot take it anymore that they will have to separate. Husband will be happy for the decision of the wife but it is sad situation. Why couples have that kind of problem? There are so many reasons and i did not know how to elaborate it. What i can say is work on the differences you have and talk about things that will make the marriage work.

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debt settlement said...

The relationship in which they believe is only confined to the physical relation.Both do not have understanding about the feelings of each other and that thing led them to have divorce..Meaning of Love is not just a meeting of eyes..its a meeting of heart and a bond that can never be break by any one even the soul..