When SAHMone Speaks Meme #3

When SAHMone Speaks

How do you get yourself organized with all the left and right chores in the house? Plus a crying toddler or a demanding husband waiting his dinner to be served?

Sorry for the late entry. The question or topic today is really fit in my situation. As you know i have a 1 month baby that i breastfeed then i maintain 17 blogs, i have 6 stores online, a 5 years old wiggly worm kid, and a husband that is a talker. How to manage that plus household chores? It is very hard my dear and sometimes do not have the time for myself. I felt that i need a space and take care of myself too. Good enough hubby help me clean the house, do the cooking, laundry and feeding the 5 yr old if he did not help my life is a mess. But anyway, that is just a matter of helping each other both husband and wife then divide your time. That is all i can say today.

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Laikka said...

weeee..i suppose have to share also..want to join this meme..maybe...how! hehe!

Mars said...

wow that's quite a lot of tasks you have to do sweetie! :( visiting here from the meme. happy weekdays ^_^

Mars @ The Life Encounters

jared's mum said...

marriage indeed is a union of two people, uniting even with the household chores^^
sorry for the uber late visit:(

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Mitch said...

Grabe! 17 blogs? Galing!

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