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I would like to thank Brown Pinay for letting me copy her love story and share it here with my readers and visitors.  Enjoy her love story...

My hubby and I got married before we were able to finish our studies Like any other young marriage, I got pregnant the very reason for a very abrupt decision. We were both 4th Yr - 1st sem, Engineering college students in the University of the East then, classmates and partners in crime. Typical of any boyfriend - girlfriend thing, we were very passionate and adventurous then. We thought that we are on top of our lives and in command when infact we are not.

I can still vividly remember our wedding day (March 6, 1993) not because it is a memorable
day to remember, but because no one seems to smile even a bit. Almost all our elders are angry and has something to say. This is because both our parents are pinning all hopes to both of us. Most specially the parents of Allan being the eldest. Not to mention the fact that both of us are from a modest family who's just making both ends meet to survive.

It was really a sad, painful and complicated start. A relationship where no one seems to approve but both of us are very willing to fight for. So off we go to a world we are both unfamiliar with. We started to shed our teenage life, and put on a tough front to start a family, now as a MAN and WOMAN. It is not as easy as we thought. Starting a family without a single penny in our pocket, very typical of any teenage marriage, that is how we started and has been a challenge of our life.

We both stop schooling, since I was heavy with my first child (Ishi - now 13 yrs old), while Allan determined to give our family a good headstart works to death, day and night. After my Ishi was born, the more it has been complicated to us financially, but it is compensated with the happiness that our little bundle of joy gave us.

Good thing is that I got married to a very responsible man. At a young age, he put on the robe of a very responsible provider, a loving husband and a good father.But what we are proud of even upto to this day is that we live separately from our parents. yes, young as we started, we ensure that we will not be a burden to our families. We promise to prove to all of them that we will be succesful in life and in love. So no matter if we dont have enough food in our table that time, at least we have the three of us happy together.

Our first 5 years were really a struggle to our relationship. Just when I thought that money does not matters in a married life, we prove it wrong. No matter how deeply in-love you might be, when you dont have enough and you dont know where to get food and milk to feed your kids, that is where you started to realize all your follies, you started to realize that indeed life is not a bed of roses. Although money does not buy happiness, it is true that a tight financial situation can create tensions which can affect an otherwise happy relationship.Those were the times when he goes back to school to study, working at night and studying by day). But with love and determination in our hearts, we stay focus not to be daunted by the negative cisrcumstances in our lives. We made a vow to God and we are reaffirming it by being together and believeing that "with Love on our side and God as our guide, we can never be wrong".

To make the long story short, he was able to finished his studies three years after we got married, and from being a meager Roomboy in a small motel, he bacame an Engineer. Unselfish as he is, when we have enough, it was my turn to finish my degree. I became an instant "Allan Pagcaliwagan Educational Scholar". It was not easy then, but it is rewarding and fulfilling. Suddenly our married life started to change, little by little we can feel the difference in life, everything turns out well. Looking back, I just sometimes could not help but cry. It is always good remembering what we have been through, because without those struggles we may never accomplished much.

Our lovestory is a constant challenge and struggles, all of which we successfully triumphed TOGETHER. We are the undying epitome of the saying that "Many happy marriages are made, they do not just happen".

We are just one of the few teenage marriage who have survived despite the odds. Our loverstory may not be a bed of roses but it is indeed, made in heaven. The promise of a married life is not sugar-coated, but it is the sweetest gift in life that God has given us if we just have to take care of it.

13 years after, we are still happily married, now with 2 kids (Ishi and Icko). Financially, although we dont have much, at least we can give our kids a very comfortable lives. We may be miles apart, my hubby being an OFW in Saudi Arabia, but we are very much together. Our relationship with our family? It has never been this great.

13 years and counting and we are still so deeply in-love. I just cannot wait to get old and gray being with him and to spend every Valentines Day with my husband.

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