Tejan's Love Story

Tejan give permissions to let me repost her love story that you will be inspired to red. Thanks Tejan...Here is her story....

The first meeting when our guy is a foriegner could always be exciting with butterflies on stomach:) Thats because, most of us first known each other by writing or phones and internets then after all the coocoos, meeting personally will be a realization of our dream or a nightmare..aheheh! Because many if not mostly has no luck at all. Some, just good at the net or phone but in reality..uh,uh! So, by this, we will always feel double on the first meeting.
Our story maybe not that exciting and interesting but still I have to write it here:) Anyway, believe it or not, I already love him before I met him! wink* (kanta man na net) heeh. Originally, I was not interested of marrying a foriegner but then when its destiny maybe you cannot fight for it or can we??? Anyway I thank God for giving me 'Him' I felt so lucky!

Okay, here where and what happened on our first meeting;
Since we've been writing and talking each other through the net for a couple of months already, like 10mos. to be specific and besides from that, we didn't knew each other through the net alone. But we were introduced by a common friend or family. My aunt who were married to a Norsk (but works here in Sweden (VOLVO) who happened to be the boss of my husband that time introduced me to him..heheh because he asked! They invited him to thier house to met my aunt and showed him some pictures and videos of me. Hmmm, inside him he thought, "this is the girl for me" (na lovestruck sad sya) heheh take note the girl for I was so tiny:) Thus, our love story begun. What I mean here is that, I was not w
orried about what kind of person he was because my aunts already knew him and the fact that he was introduced by my uncle who knews him also because they work together and as I knew, he(my aunts husband) will never introduce whoever. And I think this is a good thing.

When my aunt's family planned to visit Philippines, my husband tried to work so hard and even worked overtime so he can save enough money to go with them and meet me. Waaaah, I first met him at the airport of course!(Manila, NAIA) He was more taller and bigger than I thought, other than that, all my expectations about him were right! Honestly??? we hug and kiss right away at the airport when I met him. It felt like we already knew each other for a long time! Everything flows just right! And after 10 days we got married:)

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Pleasure Beach Blackpool said...

I wanted to let my loved ones know that I do love them and I care for them, and now that I am married, hindi maalis sa akin to say I love you... parang common na sa amin ni Winn to say the lovely words and makes us both happy and sweet to each other which I really like the most