Sheng's Love Story

Thank you Sheng for allowing me posting your love story in here. I know many readers fall in love with the story that they read. I hope you have a great day...

Despite the distance, i was studying in Bicol and he was working in Bulacan, he managed to court me through letters, calls and text messages and it took him one year to let me finally say that we’re on. Like most of the couple who had a romantic declaration of their love to each other, for us we had it different again.

April 24, 2008

January 1, 2002, officially we become lovers. His siblings and cousins decided to have an excursion at Maribina Falls. He requested me to come with them together with my other siblings.

When we reached the place he asked me to go up on top of the falls. We sat there for a while. Both of us are serious as if each of us wanted to say something. Then after a long second of not saying anything...he said "Napapagod na ako sa ganitong sitwasyon, ikaw nde ka pa ba napapagod?" No reply... Then another question…"kelan ko ba malalaman?" Then i replied "Gusto mo ngaun na!" Our story started that way! Others may expect of "Do you love me?" question and "yes or no" answer. But it was not what had happened. After saying "gusto mo ngaun na?" i motioned of going down then he followed me.

That's it! We went home that day without saying any other words. It was a sad moment for me. I was hoping for a good reply and even a happy and sweet smile the moment i said "gusto mo ngaun na" but i didn't saw it on him. I even told him about it.

Then that night he spent it to our house till early morning. Gave me a present (perfume) which is till now was kept in our house and was not used. I want to display it on our future home as the first gift i received from him.

At first, i thought he wasn't serious and all the things that are happening those times are just the continuation of our neighbors childhood loveteam joke. But then with all the letters, calls and text messages i concluded that Oh My! he's really inlove with me. I have never spent time chatting with past suitors with nonsense things but with him i love it esp. when we're sharing about our life as a naughty kids. Six months after...i found myself dreaming of him and thinking of him before sleeping and even at the moment i open my eyes in the morning. He used to go home once a year but within that year he came home almost 5 times that made his relatives surprised.....that was because of me.:)

With his determination to win my heart he made it sure that every vacation he would come to our house to talk to me or if i was in Manila he will surelly meet me for a dinner.

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