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I am thanks of the people whom I ask their love stories. They gives me permission to post their love stories here in my blog. If you want to read more just subscribe my feed. Anyway thank you Cecile for letting me copy your love story from your post. Hope you love to read others story also.

When Matt decided to see me in person for the first time in Malaysia, I knew then that he loves me. Yes, he was that serious! He was willing to travel a long way just to see me. And as for me, I already fell in love with him the moment I heard his voice on the phone. It was a kind, soft, and sweet voice. Even now, every time he calls, I still feel the same feeling. Of course we both prayed whether our decision to marry each other is the right thing to do. It was answered through the conversation I had with the other guy on Sweden. We were both happy since we received the blessing to marry each other from both parents especially for my parents who were not present during that special day of ours. Anyway, immediately after he arrived from his trip to Malaysian, he started processing everything we needed so I can go the United States to marry him. So after six months of waiting for my K-1 visa, I finally get to travel to meet his family and friends. It's been eight years now, but we are still in love despite of our differences, background, race and cultures. Putting aside differences and looking for what is good in each other makes our relationship stronger and even closer with each other. I am not perfect and neither does my husband, but with open mind and heart and support, we make our marriage works. We know that when we put God's first in everything we do such as marriage, whatever happens our marriage is going to be as strong as a rock!

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Cecile said...

you are welcome, dear :-); salamat din for posting part of our love story :-)!