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Thank you very much Seiko for giving me permission to post your love story in here. I hope you also enjoy reading others love stories. Dear readers enjoy also reading...

Taken 21 years ago (Sept.1988)

Fallin' in love means something diff'rent to everyone but it's pretty overwhelming experience & when I met the man of my dreams ,I know I have no second thoughts of doubt.
Our story started meeting at a club where I worked as an entertainer in Japan.Our second met was by chance or accidentally when our pa
th had crossed again since I din't seen him for a month or two.
Eventually I am the kind of person who don't believe in holding feelings inside.Our met just din't ended up yet continued & lasts for a span of 4 months when he told me that he's falling into me.'though m enjoying his company I told him that I wanted to be honest on what I feel because I just met him during my turbulant day.What if I felt for him was just an infatuation or I just needed him to fullfill the emptyness I had had?We know that being apart from our family back home was not that easy.
So after six month of working here I told him that if I found myself missing him when I gone back to P.I that means I'm in love w/ him too & will give him a ring via Philippines when if I found myself missing him.And w/ that we separate our ways at the airport & that was October 1988.
But the moment I was in the aire flew back home to P.I.I already felt the emptyness w/o his pressence & even when I am in the arms of my family & friends,It's always him I am wanting for.
In every day that I am with him, my heart and soul learned to long for him and him alone. It is always Yasuyuki my stubborn heart is crying for. So I gave him a ring & told him that I was nearly demented on missing him a lot & w/ that he told me he would follow me & visit me in P.I
T'was December in 1988 after my operation on the throat when he came by to visit me & told him that I maybe falling into him too.And w/ that he throw himself off a cliff and I jumped after him then we're together.And since then,he always showed that he loves me,we exchange letter & he called me everyday & everynight via long distance call.The feelings we had had grew more & more.Without him, I don’t know what I’d do. I can’t imagine what my future would be devoid of his love.
So many people are against our relationship due to our age gap but the hell I care. In love, as they say, age doesn’t matter. They’re just numbers. Age shouldn’t be a hindrance for two lovers to fulfill their dream of fairytale-like romance. And that fairytale-like romance is in my hands, it will be stupid of me to blow off the chance. I worried-not of infatuations and puppy loves because I completely discern what I feel for Yasuyuki and that feeling I know for sure is true love as well as he to me.
All the waters in the world may dry up, and the sun may lose it’s glow but our love will forever live. No one can ever take us apart and that’s a promise I intend to keep until my last breath.Be the moon and the stars and the eclipse, the waters in the oceans, the trees and the birds, be the witness of our undying love for each other.I love him and I will forever spend the rest of my life loving Yasuyuki…

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Seiko said...

My pleasure!:D
Thanks for posting my story in here.It's a pleasure to have been chose by you to post my story.
I already read two love stories in of (Cecille's & Sheng's).I really enjoyed reading other love stories in here.I'll visit here again to read more.
God Bless!
Btw,I just grabbed your badge,hope you don't mind.:D

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