Rossel's Love Story

I am really thankful that Rossel allow me to post her love story in here. Do not worry my dear i link you back where I copied your entry. My dear readers enjoy reading Rossel's love story. Here is her story....Those who have read my previous Couple’s Corner entry know that Hubby and I were office mates. He was accompanying me in going home everyday, the usual type of Filipino guy. I was “bantay sarado” (well-guarded) but I loved it. There were times in the office that he stood in his post with papers on his hands with “I LOVE YOU” written on it. Because it was very big and bold, I was not the only one reading it but the whole office. I was blushing every time he’s doing that but I am loving him more.

That time, they had no phone line at home so he used to call me from a public phone booth in Dangwa bus station along Aurora Boulevard. He was calling me every night with pocket full of coins. We’re talking for 30mins, with phone booth’s door closed so he was sweating to death. And because I have other suitors who were calling me, I instructed my mom to tell them that I am not home except for Rhonnel of course. His voice was the only voice I wanted to hear and he was the only one I wanted to talk to.

Rhonnel and I were steady for 2 months when I received a call from my ex-boyfriend. He was in Saipan. He wanted to go back with me. I was stunned because I was not expecting to receive a call from him anymore. I was waiting for him for 2 years, no letters, no calls, no anything. I told him that I already have a boyfriend. But then he said he still has chances because we’re not married yet. He gave me his number and told me to call him the following day, 8 in the evening. He said that if I call him, it means that he has a chance and that he’s going to court me again. But if I won’t call, he won’t bother me anymore. Nawindang ang araw ko, grabe! May be that time I still had feelings for him but I love Rhonnel too. I wasn’t able to sleep that night. I was praying the whole night. “Lord, help me please. Whatever my decision will be, it is your will.” I made up my mind and didn’t call. As promised he didn’t bother me since then.

I had no regrets. Rhonnel is very romantic and full of surprises. There was not a time that I felt neglected. With him, I feel that I am loved. He was not like other guys who make the decision always. He respects me and my feelings, and valued my thoughts. He is asking for my opinion whenever he has to decide on something. With him, I feel my worth.

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Rossel said...

thanks for posting this and for linking back.

sorry ngayon lang ako nakadalaw ulit dito. on and off kase internet connection namin since bumagyo. i grabbed your badge.

thanks again and God bless.

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