Clarissa's Love Story

I am really wanting to all my readers know that i ask permission to every love story in here. I will publish that they will not permit me so do not worry they just wanted to share how and when they met their husbands. Here you go our story today is about Clarissa. I hope you enjoy reading it....

" Bunso, kung magkakagusto ka rin lang sa hapon, mayaman na ang piliin mo. " That' s what our Ate in our working place told me when I was still working as an entertainer here in Japan.

I' m in love--- The club is our dating place that my co-workers and other guests started to noticed. I was a third timer then when I caught the managements attention---I don' t have a number of guests anymore. I was told of not letting Yochan get inside the club anymore coz he' s distracting my work and other guests are jealoused because of him ( pwede ba, di ko naman sila BF noh,sagot ko lang sa isip ko but I don' t have a choice coz I have to "work" out some pambobola to the guests to keep them coming at the club ) Since then, I learned to escape just to be with him for a date, of course with the help of Yochan's friend and my co-talent as our partners in crime. I know the risk of getting caught-- we have to pay for some penalties, we could go back to the Philippines without finishing our contract but it didn' t stopped me for not seeing him once in a while kahit na bawal. I' m a prisoner of love...But then lahat ng talents nagkabistuhan na including us, most especially US. My co-talents was pregnant by Yochan's friend and was talking about their marriage after our contract, but I remained as a talent and was extended for another 6 months after I promised that I won't break the rules again and became the groups leader as my 4th timer in Japan. It wasn' t easy coz there' s a lot of pressures now after the bistuhan but then another talent was asking me like," Ate, I would like to have a date with my BF, help me!! " hayzzz... Makakatanggi ka ba sa ganyan? I know it' s bad but that' s the truth...Hayan at tumubo na naman ang sunggay ko!!

He' s in love--- I thought that Yochan' s just playing around coz I didn' t hear anything from him about his plan for us in the future nor introducing me to his parents. He proposed to me a week before finishing my contract for 6 months as 4th timer that time and decided to meet his parents. I don' t really remember the first meeting--I was nervous!
After a long waiting of processing of papers, we became man and wife and then we went back again to meet his parents for the second time around and that time was different! It' s the only time I heard the truth that his Father is against me and Yochan didn't tell me anything about the arguement between him and his father even before he decided to get married to me. Gees!! That time I was nervous because of that long silence between both parties and that I was told by his Mother about the revelation.We are all kneeling at a coffee table ( japanese stlyle ) me and Yochan, and they're all facing in front of us. Yochan breaked the silence--- he said to his Father that he' s not asking for forgiveness for marrying a Filipina but he wants to introduce me that I am now his wife and whatever happens, it' s his own decision and his responsibility. Even if his father is against of our marriage, Yochan fighted for his love for me. After that, his father asked his wife to prepare a hotpot. While his Mother is preparing the hotpot, she was crying -- she told me that hotpot is served during winter time, she said that it means that I am now accepted because for them a HOTPOT is shared by FAMILY and that time it was summer and then we both cried in the kitchen.

" Bunso, wala kang mapapala sa bata, walang pera yan--gamitin mo naman ang utak mo! ". I knew I was right and I did the right thing when I decided to tie a knot to Yochan. " Why did you chose me among of your suitors? " My husband asked me one day." You might be living in a big mansion now and not in an apartment. " My husband is right-- we don' t have all the money in the world and that life can be hard and rough for us for sometimes. But it' s okay, I always have my family.( well, there are times I' m saying to myself that " kung may pera lang sana kami " ) LOL!^_^

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