Joy's Love Story

Hello everyone. Today our story is about Joy of Couple's Love Book in which she give me permission to post her love story in here. Thank you Joy for allowing me to share your love story to my dear readers. Enjoy reading everybody. Here is her story.

"Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness."

In year 2004, my ex-boyfriend saw my profile in one of the dating website, from there, he already fell at first sight with my photo as well as the section where I was looking for marriage and lifetime companion because that’s what he was looking for too. So, by then, he tried to email me twice, but I never received anything from him until he decided to send me a snail mail. From the moment we saw each other’s photos, we already knew that we like each other. Until we get into deeper relationship where we found out more about each other where our liking towards each other develops into love. I was kind a skeptical too since we never met in person yet and then we already saying, “I Love You’s” after we talked over the phone or when we wrote emails to each other which is sometimes made me to think about reasons of what if’s.

So, when we had a chance to finally meet each other in person that’s where I confirmed of how we really love each other and yes, WE’RE IN LOVE, and we show it to the world that we indeed in love by getting married and settle down after 5 months of getting to know each other. We are sort of in a rush at that time which seem like he make sure that I won't change my mind.

One more thing, every day, he always say he loves me, he even whispered the three words in my ear when he goes to work, early in the morning where sometimes, I pretend I was asleep. It is so sweet of him doing that every day. He only missed a few, if we had a misunderstanding and when I was fully awake and not asleep. He whispered once in my sleep that woke me up though and at that time we had an argument. It was touching that’s why if he made something that disappoints me, I always forgive him in the end.

What more could I say, I am in love and will always be…

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