Chris Love Story

Chris allow me to post her love story in here. Thank you Chris for this and I hope you enjoy reading others love story also. Dear readers enjoy also reading Chris love story and come back anytime to read more love stories. See you. Here is her story.....

After officially becoming a couple on March 2000, we already had our wedding/marriage in mind. We were serious and both coming from long relationships before, we were sure that we were meant to be husband and wife. It was not an easy road for us. My parents opposed our relationship and our plans to get married. I come from a pure Chinese family and they prefer that I get married to a fellow Chinese. My hubby is Filipino and though they dont know him yet, he was already pre-judged.

It was quite difficult as days go by. We were set to get married, knowing that it was God who led us together and in my heart, I KNEW that God had called me to become his wife. There was tension in my family and as the months passed by, the date we had set to get married was drawing nearer. It was 2 months before the date when my parents finally agreed to face him and had formal talks with him. The dinner went well and all they asked was to move the wedding for a few more months so we can prepare and since this was the first wedding in my family, they wanted to be involved. We agreed....So to cut the long story short, we had a short engagement. We loved each other and our story is not the usual mushy stuff... We got married 11 months after we became a couple with the blessing of my parents and God's provision.

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