12 Ways to Let Go of Past Loves

There are times that we ourselves cannot let go the past but we need to move on our lives and it is better for you. Here the ways to let go of the past loves.

1. Get Real About What Was
We can get relief from our nostalgia for a passionate love by remembering the intensity of the memory does not hold some great truth about the relationship’s sacredness. Remember, what fueled the attraction may not have been love, but your soul’s desire to heal the past.

2. Purge the Merge-Urge

3. Are You Romanticizing?
Brain scientists now recognize that nearly 20 percent of us suffer from “complicated grief.” According Rob Stein of the Washington Post, “One of the hallmarks of complicated grief is a persistent sense of longing for the lost one and a tendency to conjure up reveries of that person.”

4. There’s No Such Thing As One and Only

5. This Is Me, Free!
Visualize yourself as free without requiring that you know how that will be accomplished. Just imagine you have already arrived at a place in the future where you are. Imagine yourself saying to a friend, “Oh my gosh, I haven’t thought about x in years!” Absorb how fantastic you’ll feel, how happy and energized, and say thank you for that.

6. Your Brain Speaks Body Language
Your brain believes your body, sort of a reverse of the placebo affect. You begin to feel free of the past when you act free of the past!

7. Turn to Creativity
One of the best balms for emotional wounds is creativity, which is different from staying busy. Doing something creative, whether it is writing, drawing, composing lyrics, changing your hairstyle, planting a garden, thinking of a great gift, or redecorating a room, connects you to yourself and a power greater than yourself. Doing something kind for someone else is also a good idea but let’s face it, you can brood the entire time you are doing a good deed. Creativity is deeply engaging. It fills you from the inside out.

8. Read it Right

9. Exercise to Exorcise
Go to the gym regularly, or go for a run. Regular exercise keeps your endorphin levels high and keeps you from falling into melancholy memories. (This is a place where you can use music, upbeat and invigorating.)

10. Shut the Door on the Uninvited Guest
Practice separating your “self” from your “thoughts.” It does not matter whether or not your thought is “true.” It only matters whether the thought interferes with your happiness.

11. Disarm with Charm

12. Swap Melodrama for Goofy — Literally

13. Find Freedom Today

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