4 Dating Rules That Stand The Test of Time

The logistics of dating may have changed and evolved over the years, but regardless of your generation, we believe that some dating rules still stand the test of time. So let us be your date doctor when it comes to entering and surviving the dating scene.

Here are the 4 dating rules:

1. Keep your Standards High but Stay Realistic
Does this sound like a contradiction? It doesn’t have to. The dating scene can be difficult and can become disillusioning after you’re in it for awhile, but you should never settle for anything just because you’re tired of being single. Everyone should have basic standards they stick to, and those standards should never be compromised. Not every date has to end up with a love match.

2. Give Them a Chase
This rule applies to both sexes, even though men most often tend to take the role of the chaser. When you first start dating someone, you don’t have to spend every waking hour with them. Take some time apart. Not always being available builds mystery and anticipation, and keeps them wanting more. When they call for a date, tell them you already have plans. If they really want to pursue you, they’ll keep trying. And don’t wait around for their phone call. Being active and busy is attractive, so keep your social calendar filled, and “secretly” keep a day open for them.

3. Give Them a Chance
You never know when you’ll meet the woman or man of your dreams, and most of the time the circumstances won’t be what you’ve always pictured. It also might not be love at first sight, so keep an open mind! When it comes to being set up on a blind date, go for it! The only reason you should ever politely refuse being set up is if the same person keeps setting you up with people who are just not your type.

4. While on a Date
There’s no doubt about it – first dates can be very nerve-wracking, even for the most experienced dater or most confident of people. Often times, nerves get in the way of being yourself, which then gets in the way of the other person really getting to know you for you. Nerves can also compromise your ability to think clearly when it comes to etiquette in general.

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