7 Keys For Restoring Happiness

Getting married is the easy part. Remaining married is a little more complex. although every couple will have differences of opinions and outlook from time to time, those differences are reconcilable. Here are seven keys for overcoming distance in a marriage and restoring happiness as a couple.

7 Keys For Restoring Happiness
1. Kindness is vital
2. Making time
3. Get rid of the three B's
* Bickering
* Blaming
* Boredom
4. Show Your Love
5. Upgrade your empathy
6. Give praise and compliments
7. Include God

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Zen Ventures said...

cool tips!

timi said...

Will be keeping this in mind Gen!

Mommy Phebie said...

Yeah ur right gen! So nice ur tips so helpful...

Thess said...

could work for those not married yet too but planning to get there...

Good advice