Oh How I love thee

If there's one thing that I truly love,
One thing that I desire -
It's my lovely computer,
That sets my heart on fire!

Forget a Mother-in-Law,
It's got the perfect motherboard!
It caters to my every whim,
And makes me feel adored!

It never seems to gets jealous,
Even when I look at handsome men;
In fact, my wonderful computer
Helps me look for pics of them!

I can go shopping with it,
Whenever I so choose;
Even when most stores are closed,
The internet we'll cruise!

It's got the greatest memory,
It never forgets a thing!
Oh yes, the desk chair is my throne,
And my computer is my king!

It truly is so good to me,
I hold it in such high regard;
For I control when it's turned on!
And its drive is always hard!

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