Letters To Mama

Yesterday a friend of mine told me about a blog that featured in Rated K with Korina Sanchez in the Philippine TV channel. I know his blog because i drop my EC there but not really reading all the post but i notice how his love is like eternal that even death will not take them apart. It makes my heart feel sad and want to cry. This is a love story i can't forget. Letter To Mama is a blog that you can learn a lot of lesson to those people who love their love ones forever. If you don't know yet about this i saw a video about the interview hope you will enjoy it. You can also visit his blog Letters To Mama just click the link. Here is the interview with Korina Sanchez.... and also The second part.

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anne said...

gurl thanks for sharing

Ane Fallarme said...

LOL! I love this! :)