I am In Need Of More Sponsors

I am holding again a Christmas giveaways/contest and if anyone of you wants to sponsor just leave a comments in here. Christmas if coming soon and most of us probably preparing for a gift to someone you care. This Christmas giveaways can make soemone's happy because the drawing of this giveaways is December 25 and it will start maybe last week of November or December 1. Don't worry sponsors also can join at least you have a chance to win also. You can offer whatever especially winners love to accept cold $$$. Anyway here are the possible prizes you can offer:

* Cash through paypal
* Entrecard credits
* Text ads ( a week, month, or more)
* Banner ads ( a week, month, or more)
* Logo design
* Website review
* Products or services
* Free membership to website
* website design
* 1 yr. domain
* ad space
* or anything you can offer

6 Love Notes:

timi said...

Hi! I can sponsor entrecard credits...

Paul said...

I'd be glad to sponsor EC. Are you going to run the contest through Entrecard? I'll set 1,000 aside for this.

Posh Post Reviews said...

i have a nice daddy video on my blog that you might want to check out. please see it at


take care! :-D

Posh Post Reviews said...


i have cooking gas saving tips on my blog. you might want to check it out.

good day!:-D

Posh Post Reviews said...


i am overhauling my blog. please respond here if u still want to be in my blogroll on or before nov. 22. thanks! :D


Nita said...

Still looking for a sponsor? I would be willing to sponsors some EC credits, ad space, etc. Drop me a line at lanceandnita at yahoo dot com.

Talk to you later,