A Love To gIve

Do you love to give and share to others like food, clothing or whatever you can give? Well, that question is depending on a person's decision. Some people spend a lot of time to do missionary works just like if you are a doctor a free clinic is good once in a while, if you are a preacher tell the love of Jesus to others, if you are a teacher you will teach kids how to have good manners, honor parents or whatever you do to glorify God that's a missionary works. How about donate certain charities or sponsor some groups or anything you can do to help others. The BisdakPlanet Foundation is one of my example of this Love to give and share. This is a group of Filipino who speak the same dialect or language. The purpose of this foundation is to help kids in the Philippines. For example schools, someone who have surgeries and of course if members have problem they will help too. I am impress of the administrators of this foundation and of course myself is one of the members of it. I will share a video of the school that we are planning to give a school supplies.

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Foreign-Marriages said...

Well, me i help other thats why i send 1 sack of rice for my neighbor every month 2 family pa sila as of now...hehee well, me i'll share somebody those who really needy and having difficulties to buy i choose rice coz if money baka mapunta pa sa iba...Good posts.