A Love Story

Everybody have a love story to tell. There are sad stories and nice stories that we can learn some lesson about it. Sometimes we cry sometimes we laugh. My mom's love story was quite for its interesting. She met my father when papa was living with his aunt. He was 21 and mom was 19 when they got married. My father was the first and last love of mama and papa was not. Before mama, papa had a girlfriend that was rich and famous but the parents don't like my papa because he was just a fisherman and poor. The lady got pregnant and the father of that lady brought her to that faraway place cannot follow. He don't even know either a boy or a girl he has. After few years he met my mom and fall in love. She decided to accept papa's proposal to get married even my mom's parents doesn't like the idea of that marriage. Grandpa was very mad and doesn't want them to get married but they did it anyway. Lots of trials and hardship they experience but they survive and now they have seven siblings including myself as an eldest...Hmm a lot of things happened but i will tell you later or next time.

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