Congratulations To Our Winners

Our love story contest is finally over and the results is in. Thank you to all voters and especially to our finalist. All your story is the best no favoritism everybody's love story are great and it makes my hurt happy and sad am so emotional hahhah. Well you know already what is the prizes of our contest. Here you go and the winners are the following......

Ist prize w/ 149 votes =>Anne's The Man Of My Dreams ---> $15 plus books
2nd prize w/ 99 votes =>Princess's You've Got Mail: Our Love Story --->$10 plus books
3rd prize w/ 52 votes =>Yennie's My God's Gift ----> $5 plus books

Consolation Prizes:
* 24 votes =>Mary Anne's Finding One True Love --->gifts
* 16 votes =>Cathy's My Love Story--->gifts
* 11 votes =>Weng's Virtual Love---->gifts
* 9 votes =>Shoshana's A Million Words: My Love Story--->gifts
* 7 votes =>Jessel's We Meant For Each Other---->gifts
Guys please email me your paypal address so that i can send you your prices right away and also your home address so that i can send you your books and gifts. Thanks for participating the contest. I have another contest in my other blog and this is very exciting one just visit here every now and then to know when and what is the contest. See you and CONGRATULATIONS!

6 Love Notes:

Cathy said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all of us especially to Anne, Princess and Yennie! Well done!

We thank you Gen for this great opportunity! Bless your heart.


Princess said...

Hooray! Congrats to all the participants and winners!

Gen, thanks for this opportunity and for the awards :) We enjoyed your contest.

anne bianca said...

congratulations to all the winners hehehe.... mommy gen thank u so much ha? hehehe may gift pala ako lol... muah...

yanie said...

hello Miss Genny, salamat sa oportunity nga gihatag sa akoa. Wala ko nag expect nga midaog ko. Thanks cousin. Have a great day!

texas_sweetie said...

weeewwww nakadaog ta tanan. salamaters sa kahigayonan Gen. Ug sa mga taw nga nigahin ug oras para pagbotar DAGHAN SAMALAT MGA HIGALA!

Allen's Darling said...

Hi ate gen,

im here now ha ha ha kalooy walay boto si ako...have a nice day everyone..