Entry # 7 - Virtual Love

Me, i didn't dream nor plan marrying a foreigner. But due to my age adding so fast. I feel i need to seek and find of my own. I can marry a "Filipino" if ? if ? i choose to, because "Filipino" men loves women knows how to earn money by their own way, In fact i started to stand on my feet at the age of sixteen (16) i don't need somebody or someone else except me, I don't need somebody to fed me, I can raise and stand of my own with the help of my brain and charming smiles.I am pure , single , Of course nor so pretty but not so ugly i guess.I met my hubby thru online dating so not every "Filipina" looking for love is unknowledgeable , lack of eduction , because i am a true example of "Filipina" not a con artist nor a scammer asking for money.{Be careful thats all i can say to those who seek their soul mate online. Yes.,its me...but due to my age,alone, for how many years living alone to my apartment with my room mate sister i still fell emptiness, even i have lots of my so called best-friends called my pocket novels or paper backs still empty inside, slowly my room mate got married one by one . I felt the world so small in me. Then started to get jealous when i saw their kids growing up.Of course i am the God Mother for always (in our tongue we called it ninang) i got tired and longing for someone.SOmeone will loved me for the rest of my days, Someone that i can talk to, someone that i can debate and talk anything under the sun rather having sex is the symbol of love or money for that matters. Everyone of us has each own unique ways of finding true love but me, myself i found my true love on

Virtual love called online dating, I met my husband from online , now for almost 3 years. We were still together loving and understanding one each other and hopefully our love-relationship continue prosper and grow everyday of our lives.

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Virtual Love

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Virtual Love

genny said...

heheh ikaw gyd Weng kana pangumpanya na daan aron daug ka...

richard said...

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