Entry #3 - We Meant For Each Other

God is really wonderful, when you asked Him something, He give you beyond your expectation. Let me share with you why, and please stick with me while I share my love story between me and my husband.

I haven’t tried using computers in my entire life until in college. One of my roommates taught me how to explore in the net and one of the thing she taught me is how to interact people through chatting. It happens that we found this croosdaily.com where you can browse people’s profiles and get in touch with them. I found my husband’s profile in that website and since he was online I tried to send him an instant message and thankfully he replied. We chatted for almost an hour and decided to exchange personal e-mail address. Its funny though because while I was chatting with him, he was also chatting with my roommates who is sitting beside me ( the one who taught me to use pc) but he is more interested in me lol! After several months of chatting exchanging e-mails we built a serious relationship meaning (boyfriend and girlfriend). One thing I really like about him, he is so sincere and he inspired me with his poems that he made for me. Plus he send me tons of e-mails everyday and he never fail sending me flowers and chocolate on every special occasions. I am still young at that moment but I feel the true meaning of love in spite of the fact that I haven’t meet him yet in person or even in cam.But our relationship didn’t last long because of some personal reason. It hurts a lot when we ended our relationship but I was thinking, I’m still young and I must go on with my life. To make the story short, we continue living each other and haven’t communicate for 4 years. There are lots of things happen in my life, I found new boyfriend and almost got married to him. On the day that I broke up with my ex-fiancĂ©, Jason is online too but I didn’t know because I deleted his yahoo id (take note that is after 4 years!). He started sending instant messages and I was surprised because I taught he deleted my yahoo id too since I haven’t heard from him for 4 years. I replied and we talked like a normal conversation. Since then, we always chat every time I was online. He started courting me back but I wasn’t interested with him anymore because he is the one who broke up with me four years ago. But he is so persistent and keep asking, he said how sorry he is for breaking up with me and everything. He then started sending me flowers again but this is what I said ” if you are really interested in me, come and visit me here and I assure you, I will accept your proposal” he take it seriously and bought a plane ticket right away and visited me on my birthday. When I saw him for the first time, I fall in love with him right away. He is so sincere and 100% good man. Plus I have been praying about having a man like him. To make the story short, we ended up marrying each other and now enjoying with our one and only cutest son! I never thought we will ended up this way after breaking up for 4 years. I must tell that we are really MEANT FOR EACH OTHER, God is leading me to him. I am so blessed and thankful having him in my life. I have NO regrets being with him and I will spend the rest of life with him and our baby.

I hope you enjoy reading our love story, if you haven’t meet the love of your life yet, just keep on praying and you will me amazed how God will answer your prayer.

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