A Blessings

Did you count your blessings one by one? Sometimes i will ask myself how many blessings i receive for today, yesterday past few days? I cannot count even i wanted to. Being your friend is also a blessing. I ask hubby the other day to write our love story that i want also to share with you. He did not write yet because he is busy doing something in our farm. Well, I will start to share my aunt's love story. She is my mom's younger sister. I can tell you how she met her husband and why i know. Heheh well, i am her chaperon. Everywhere she go i am always there. By the way maybe you will ask how old is my aunt, she is just 2 years older than myself. I will tell her story in a form of summary lang because its too long. One of our neighbors have a sister in Leyte and he has a nephew who visited them that year. He was sort like shy at first but after a while of staying in our place he has a lot of friends. One of them was my aunt. They dated many times and my grandpa decided to make me a chaperon because i really talk and not lying to my grandpa. They met not in my aunt's house but somewhere that nobody saw them. I don't like what they did because that makes people think bad. You know people in a barrio they always like to talk to somebody even though they don't have any idea whats true or not. One time i did not go with my aunt because i felt like i am disturbing even my grandpa get upset still i don't like to go. My aunt one day got preggy and the guy ask permission to my grand parents their blessings to let them get married. It did but the problem the guy don't have enough money to do the married thing he ask permission to my aunt to go back home in Leyte and ask some help to his parents. My aunt really love him gave permission and the guy was gone and went to Leyte. Days past, months they guy did not come back again. My aunt got upset and it seems that she has a bad behavior. She was angry with everybody. Nine months pass still the guy did not came back and my aunt was delivering a cute little baby boy and i am happy to help my aunt to take care of the baby. The problem was she got angry with the baby too and i decided to keep the baby and raise it. After she delivered the baby i am the one who cared the bay. for seven months i felt i love the baby and want his mom to love him. Still we did not heard about the guy. The baby became big and he has his first birthday and the mom felt like change she was taking care of her baby again. So i just help her to do that. We love the boy and he was handsome just like the father. After 2 years the father came back and asked forgiveness of what he done to my aunt. Because love is stronger than anything my aunt forgive him. They decided to get married and gave the boy the real baptism with the father's family name. They are happily married now and have 4 kids.

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