The Flower Of Grass

I saw this one in a youtube and hope you like it...U.S. John Allen returns to his Tennessee home after the death of his alcoholic, abusive father. He has been gone 16 years and has become a successful writer, but with major addiction problems of his own. Now he struggles to make amends with his careworn sister and dropout younger brother, and perhaps, to pick up the pieces of his teenage love affair with Jessie. But Jessie has grown tired of waiting for letters that ceased to come and has married. At what cost might their love be rekindled? An exquisitely written, passionate and thoughtful novel, this is a classic love story framing deeper themes of mortality and passing time, the true nature of faith, and the delicate balance of human relationships

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safety surfaces said...

I have a large flower bed that contains grey owl junipers, crepe myrtle, wisteria and something else, but is being overtaken by bermuda grass. Is there anything I can use on it that will kill grass but not my flowers. I researched grass b gone but it specifically says that it will kill anything it touches.Thanks