A Blessings

This is a story of a woman who blessed by God by giving her the love of her life. Well, take a deep breath because the story starts like these. Being a working student is not easy specially when nobody help you except God. Night and day are just the same. Year 2003 she decided to put her profile in www.singlec.com hoping that she can find somebody not only to help her but also for long time partner.She was praying to the Lord for guidance and help to solve her problem. She work full time in that 1st semester of 2003. It`s hard because they put her in Project Heal as an Assistant Dean of Ms. DelaCruz. It`s not easy to deal with new students especially those who came from rich families. There are times that she slept 2am just have an inspection @ 1am and rooming the dormitory with the guards. Almost every night she slept 2-3 hours and at day time she was so sleepy and tired but she needs to accomply her responsibilities. She cried sometimes especially when there are students who cant came back to the dormitory when they are off campus.One time they blame her because 1 of the students did not came back to the dormitory and she dont know where that student. She really cried and worried it hurts but God helped her and cared what happened. She loved her worked there in the dormitory eventhough there are lots of problems and it hurts her feelings.She learned to loved her occupants there and hopefully they will become successful in their careers. Eventhough she was so busy in her work but still there are time to check emails. There are lots who are interested of her profile and one of them was her husband. He wrote her a simple letter and advice to take it easy. He helped her and comforted every now and then. His very nice person and every time she read her mail from him it seems that it comforted her and she felt happy. She told him about her life being a working student. She told him about schooling, love life and everything. It seems that it helps to relieve whatever hurt she have. When she went back to the dormitory it felt happy and excited. They are M.U at first. But actually that time she have a boyfriend and he knew it. He always advice her to take it easy of life and pray to God that everything will be alright and it did. They stop writing each other when he knew she was engaged to somebody. She felt bad that time and went back to the dorm lonely. But she decided to give his email address to a friend. They exchange emails and told her friend that they just friends. But one day her friend told her that she stop writing to that nice guy because they have misunderstanding.
Well, the story did not end that way... Almost end of the semester something happened that her relationship to her black American boyfriend broke. IT did not worked out even though that their relationship was almost 2 years. So, she tried to aim someone that is very responsible in a relationship no matter what. She found herself writing back to that nice guy and he was surprised but she explained everything. They chat and exchange emails a lot. She was impressed of what that guy was. He was nice and very approachable. He helped her and he sent money to pay her debt in the college. He decided to come in the Philippines even though there are lots of threats to the Americans to come. The USA government warned them not to come in Mindanao where lots of Muslims. He told his plan to his church and prayed for the trip. Also his brothers and sisters knew about his plan. One of his brothers dont like him to pursue his plan maybe his afraid for him. He always called her in the Philippines and she loved that. She felt something nice inside her heart that did not felt before but she dont know why. She felt the excitement of his coming and also scared of what happened next. Her friends there in the dormitory told her that she will do the best to show respect and honesty to meet him in Manila. to be continued.....

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